"Touch of Color"

Pencil drawings with a "Subtle Touch of Color" added.

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 ""All these drawing are done with mechanical pencils, lots of erasers and lots of time. When the picture was done I added a subtle touch of color for special effects.""



""Some of the pictures will show my framing too. I frame all my own work and then some other work for other people."" 


""All of these drawing below were commissioned by a person who wanted their pets or desires. Some will show the halfway point of being done and some will show the completed and framed one.""


The pictures below were done as teenager or in my 20's and then at work on boring days in 30's in towers.


""I discontinued the Pencil drawings in 01-01-2009 for have been doing them since 1995 and it takes too long. So  have one more to finish that I started 2 years ago before my vehicle wreck and did not work on it since then. I am going to finish it this year and that is the end of the "Subtle Touch of Color" series for awhile. I am getting back to my basic...oils, inks, etc.""



""Drawing with any type of pencil hurts my hands and make the knuckles swell up. I don't want to be crippled when older so am giving up drawing with pencils for a long...long time...if ever.""

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