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"Touch of Color" Started in 1994 and ended on 01-01-2009. 

Started in 1994, these are pencil drawings with a "Subtle Touch of Color" added for Special Effects, making each one unique and rare.


Water Color & Inks 

Paintings done in Water Color, Windsor Newton or Indian Inks.

I have been doing this since I was a teenager.


  Oil Paintings & (1) Acrylic

Oil paintings start at 12 X 12. No miniatures!

Most have to be commissioned unless I have a picture at an Art show for sale. You can contact me for any that I still have for one never knows what I will do.

  3-D Oil Paintings & Reflective detailing

Oil paintings on helmets, bikes and any thing else that is not 2 dimensional.

I also will detail any vehicle we have to keep  other people from running into the vehicles.

  Business Card  & logo Designing

I design business cards for Corporations, Individuals, Sole Proprietors, etc.

I also made logo or signs for other people or things


All works of Any type of my Art are the Sole property of Montana's Best Kept Secrets.  Coping or illegal Reproduction of any or all artwork and or Photographs is strictly prohibited without written consent from Ike*.  Verbal consent does not count.

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