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Settled  in  our Hearts...Forever in our Souls... Never to be Forgotten!


                Richard DeZeng Pierce III

His Hi Country Sign and Design


           My  Brother                             


Katmandu, Nepal (AP)"

" Richard Pierce of Missoula, Montana and Richard Wilson of Chico, California climbed Mount Pumori, a 23,488-foot peak in the Himalayans across from Mt. Everest. Together they reached the summit on December 13, 1984, making it the First Winter Conquest of the mountain by a U.S. Expedition."

They set the First American Record and  were never seen again. He was 27 yrs old.

We found out he was missing in January 1985 and is still missing to this date.


Six Months later...

Chanc was always Smiling, Loved farm critters, a Special Personality......And a Great Sense of Humor! 





He was (9) when taken by Angels!

Mush-Qua-Tahs's      (Good Spirits Protect)    



Abbey Roads of Mush-Qua-Tahs 

2006--2014   Peaceful in Weatherford Texas.  Our Lady loved trees and born in Montana . Named after the Beatles album that she  responded to Abbey Roads and that is how she got her name.  She loved  Yoda and Mani and was so lonesome when Scooter  passed. We got Styx to help her grieve and she loved him like a mother.  Considered show quality she lived in the deep woods,  had a wonderful carefree life and slept on the waterbed at night with us. Her precious life was cut short at  8 years old when bite by rattle snake or recluse spider and we did all for 7 days to save her life. But she went to sleep behind Tim's chair and we cried for a week.  


Kat  of Mush- Qua-Tahs 

2012-2014   Somewhere  in Weatherford Texas. Received Kat as a Feral Kitten solid white and wild as can be. She was covered in Fleas so had to get rid of those before turning her loose in the house to adapt to the dogs and humans. She thought she was a dog after awhile since she lived with Two Aussie's and then with Styx. She would lay on the floor on her back and slept on the couch with the dogs. She loved to play with the dogs and Styx loved to pick her up by the neck. In fact her chewed on her and she loved it. One day she disappeared while in yard with dogs on a cool day. Seems I cannot have cats in this state.


Scooter of Mush- Qua-Tahs 

2001--2014   Peaceful in Weatherford Texas. Our Boy was born in Wyoming and scooted across the couch and that's how he got his name. Lived in Wyoming, Montana and Texas. He lived for the yellow tennis ball, loved to fly for the ball,  and loved to travel. He was a rare eye colors  and body color. Considered a working class Aussie with the best face, personality and was so special, loved and charming. He had a long life and was so sad to let him go. It broke Abbey's Heart and tore our hearts too. We cried for over a week and Abbey got depressed.



(Yoda) Yoda Jedi Master of Mush-Qua-Tahs. & (Mani) Mush-Qua-Tahs Mani. Persian Brothers. 

(Yoda) 1999 --2011. Silver Smoke Persian. Disappeared one day in Weatherford  TX. Have never found him! He was wise with other dogs/predators so have no idea. Abbey loved to herd him and even deer ate bread with him. Yes a cat herding dog. Yoda loved the deer.

(Mani) 1999 --2011.  Himalayan  Persian.  Disappeared a month after Yoda  in Weatherford TX. Have never found him! He was also very wise shy  against people & predators.  Mani was  slept on my pillow at nights for 12 years and purred.  Miss him terribly for purring keeps nightmares away. Abbey misses this cat too for they were great pals that slept together.


Megabyte of Mush-Qua-Tahs (Megi) 

1994-2006   Peaceful in Old the Growth Forests of Bigfork, Montana.  Megi was  Lil' Dynamite and a bull dozer with her nose.  She was small for a chow but thought she was big. Very quiet, curious, and happy. She came to say good-bye to us one afternoon and  left us  hours later. She was special and charming. She lived a long life full of adventure and adore the cats and kids


Chou Blu' of Mush- Qua-Tahs  (Blu or Boo Boo)

1987-2001  Peaceful in  the Prairies of  Midwest, Wyoming. He was so mellow, loving and softest fur ever and a true blue chow, the rarest breed color. He was shy but guarded.  He would get up and leave a room if he did not like who was visiting. It was hard to say good-bye. He was a charmer and lived a long exciting life and  I spin his fur we saved into blankets. He was awesome.      


Pah'Ka of Mush- Qua-Tahs  (Pahka)

1985-1997  Peaceful in Opportunity, Montana. Watchful of the kids at all times and strangers! I got Pah'ka  to help Tim recover from his cancer. She was our first Chow, such a lady and joy.  She was true red and had a great personality and was very protective of family. It was hard to say good-bye. She was our first and the most precious girl and long lived. Her fur was spun into hats and gloves and she lives on.

Vulcan, 1/2/Arab

1980-1997  Peaceful in  Opportunity. MT.  He thought he was a big dog and loved to take off on his own and go to the horse pasture to visit his friends. He loved the baby moose that stayed with us for two weeks. Vulcan was actually 3/4 Arab and was extremely curious of all things which tended to get him in trouble. He thought to sniff a porcupine once and his nose looked like it had freckles when we pulled all the quills and dabbed with red medicine. He thought he was a dog too.



1993.  Peaceful in Opportunity. Montana. I found him as a kitten about 6 weeks old in our barn and he was very wild. Tamed him in three days and found out he was a rare lynx Manx kitten. I love him so much and he slept with everyone in the house. He had a short life. Lived for one year before  a car  drove off the hiway  and took him!  


Howler of Mush-Qua-Tahs (Howler)

1982-1994.  Peaceful in the Wild Mountains of American Creek, Montana. He received his name at (3) hours old. I howled and he howl with his little head pointed up and thus became Howler. He howled alot like a wolf and was the only pup Niki had. He love the mountains, chasing deer and camping. He traveled across the United States four times in his life and loved to travel. He was considered the number one son and still is. His fur was spun into hats and blankets.


Montana Bob the black cat  (Bob)

1984-2001. Peaceful in Midwest, Wyoming with Blu.  "Bob" as we called him was given to me by my Mom when he was just 5 weeks old. We took him from Montana to Virginia and on the way... took him for walks. People thought he was a monkey. He was the best traveling cat and always came when called for he grew up with Pah'ka and Blu. Kiowa was bought to give Howler a friend while in Virginia and she disappeared at 4 yrs old by someone who stole her.


Frosty's Apache Teardrop of Mush-Qua-Tahs (Frosty) 

1980-1983. We got Frosty as 10 week old pup. He was so beautiful and had a color- breeders would die for. He loved the farm and loved to chase the piglets- Billy Joe and Bobby Sue. He used to drag a tractor tire after the cows which is why he was on the tractor tire. He was a comedian and loved the kids. He  Vanished in 1983 in Everman, Texas with  a Niki.. Someone stole them and we never found them. Howler was their son so we kept him.  The people never saw him or we would have lost him too.


Nekeewah of Medicine Lodge (Niki)

1979-1983  I got "Niki" at 6 weeks  from my Mom when I became a single Parent. She traveled from Montana to Texas where she lived on the farm with the kids and critters. We had 10 pups sold when she was pregnant and she only had one. That was Howler who is just born in these pictures with Tim holding him. Niki Vanished in 1983 in Everman, Texas along with Frosty and both were never seen again.


Sunceria (Sunni).                                                              1982-1983.  Peaceful in Everman, Texas. I got Sunni from a Horse Wrangler in Texas. She was a filly out of 3 Bars Racing Quarter horse stock and had she been male they would have kept her. She died of Tenuous while I was in Boot camp and too young. I traded a painting for her.                                                                                               T--Bone Our Brahma Bull  went to live with a herd that would take care of him & full of cows. We named him for dinner but he was too beautiful, loving and tame and thought he was a dog. He loved the kids and followed them around the yard and played tag.


Loki of Mush-Qua-Tahs (Loki)

1985.  I waited a year for her to be born as she was of "A Once in a lifetime breeding". Loki was so friendly, beautiful, and loved Howler. We took a vacation  when she was 16 weeks old. She was abducted out to the trailer she shared with Howler when we stopped for gas in Arkansas. She was stolen & Howler couldn't help her. It turned out to be the worst year of my life.  The thieves were so fast we searched for hours. Our family was heartbroken.


Shenandoah's Leprechaun (Shannon)

1975-1979. My  gray 1/2 Arab of special breeding. I delivered him when Star (our horse)  was having trouble giving birth. He was born special and I loved him.  He was born a strawberry roan and went dabbled gray by the time he was 1 year old. Unfortunately my "Ex" hated him for Shannon  did not like my "Ex Husband." I was forced to sell  at 4 yrs old by  my EX and then I left the man who forced me to sell my horse.

      Trooper And Lady   

Trooper was a pup of Scotty's (half collie) & Joe (Malamute) the Family dogs. Lady was out of one of the Malamute dogs Mom raised. I got both when I left home in 1975  and they both disappeared in 1979.  Plentywood, Montana. They were so great together and I missed them terribly. Trooper had great character  and was so charming and full of love  and Lady was funny and faithful.


                        I used to wish that dreams came true,                                      
                                     but now know, they don't.

                                                    I use to wish that I could fly,
                                                            but now know, I need a plane.

                                                                   I used to wish in Unicorns,
                                                                            but now know, it's my imagination.

                                                                                I use to wish that I was tall,
                                                                                            but know that I'm small.

                                                                    I used to wish that I could disappear,
                                                                                but now know, to face my fear.

                                                 I used to wish there was no pain,
                                                            but now know, to grieve.

                            I used to wish there was no death,
                                    but know that life still goes on.

                                    I used to be a wishful tyke,
                                            Now, I am an adult.

                                                    I used to wish.    



Poem Written by Ike* Foust 

"I wrote this Poem in the shape of a Question Mark for ONE reason only. When yu realize "Why" you've lost your innocence... it floats away!  I wrote it while in Mr. Henry Gonshack's  class one day at Montana Tech while thinking of my Missing Brother and became Sadly Enlighten."


Rich's climbing gear is on my wall. As long as someone stays in your heart they will never be forgotten.  Home   Character       For Sale

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