Business Card, Sign or Logo Designs

All items shown below are examples of business cards I have designed. These are the only examples I have saved over the past 27 years. I have designed over 30 business cards for business or people prior to these. Also made business cards for our teenage kids in high School to help them in more socializing.

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MY hat Mom made & I decorated with white mink and old rare Crystals.

 "These are examples of created business Cards for individuals or business." 


I hand paint my own cards.

These are examples of Logo's I created for Montana Tech of UM and are now part of the Degree Programs. The logo I created for a small Corporation in 2006. Then the US Navy designs I created and some became patches. Last, I designed a logo which was made into stickers to compete with Made in Montana stickers.




"This is sample of a sign I did for the County."


"Please allow 12-18 weeks from date of commission for the design to be completed.

The commission consists of a Framed Colored Drawing. Then I digitize the artwork and saved on disk for the New Owner as well as the original drawing.  If the new Owner wishes I can also get the cards started with Insty-Prints who will then bill and ship the cards to the new Owners.

The Owner is kept updated with each creative step, asked for any personal informative information they want on the cards and kept informed of the designing process. 

The New Owner can also take his design to any printer they wish but they are responsible for any color that is included in the design.

This is Commissioned Work.    A Down Payment of Half the payment at time of the contracted work  is due and the Other half upon delivery of the artwork. All commission work has a written contract signed by the Buyer and the Artist. 

Fair Warning!!!    If the Owner does not pick up the completed Artwork within 30 days  of  completion. They will forfeit the down payment due to storage, time, my costs and extra work."


"I start the work at $50.00 per hour on any of these items on this page.

Contact me if your interested."


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