3-D Oil Paintings on items. 

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All items shown below are examples of Oil paintings on 3-D objects and not for sale.
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Da Bike before detailing. after and all the items added for safety. Mani the cat.

These are oil paintings on Motorcycle Helmets & detailed with Reflective Tape to protect us from CARS.  

  Da Helmets: 1st things painted & detailed during winter 2008





We're teaching the "Next Generation"  about the bike...so they will be "Biker Girls"  too. Kelly, Jordan and Sarah.       



This is my detailing of the Bike with only reflective tape and it glows at night and sometimes during day.



These show how the different colors glow at  night or during the day. Then his helmet really lites up so cars can see him. I start detailing a bike at $25.00 and hour and this is only with reflective tape and not any painting.

I drew this picture for a tattoo and can draw pictures for tattoos.


Work with bones too and this is skull dream catcher of mine with a swivel and giant crystals for weight.

 Can paint on ceramics, ole milk jugs,  Key holders, Mail boxes, and Cookie jars. Basically anything I want.


I also paint oils on Bones, wood, door, cabinets or whatever I choose too.


Highland skull                Elk Skull                          Sheep Skull         Cow Skull           Glass bulbs                Oil on hide                   Business Door

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All work can be commissioned and are done with oil paints or reflective tape.