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"Depends upon which mind-set I am in at the time I see it." (Ike*)

This is the 1st and only Watercolor I've ever done.

Privately Owned by her brother Ron

  Currently Ike* donated some of her original artwork to the White House in Washington DC in 2007


One of her Items was located in Senator Tester's Office for the Capital Christmas trees. The other two went onto Capital trees.         


  Also one of her Hand Painted bulbs was donated to Governor Brian Schweitzer & hung it in his residence.


Past Montana Governor Marc Raciot Thoughts.



 Extraordinarily Talented Artist
      Ike* has been published, displayed, and or sold her work in a US states such as Texas, Wyoming, Montana, Alaska, Dakotas, Virginia, Carolinas, California, Colorado, Arkansas, Illinois, Idaho, Louisiana, Nevada, Washington, Oregon, Minnesota, New Mexico, New York, Oklahoma, and Florida. Then sold overseas to France, Italy, Poland, Germany, England, Japan & Australia & Egypt.  So far!

             She's been Juried & Selected for public art exhibitions or auctions throughout the Western United States. Then there are those times when Ike* has been  rejected. Even with help from others. 


        Ike has designed logos / emblems for private individuals, small businesses, Corporations, US Navy, Construction crews, Seismic, Drilling and Survey companies.  contributed to Medical facilities, Film companies, Public schools, Literacy Programs, Nonprofit Organizations, Art Centers, Ice Rinks, African Wildlife Foundation  , The Jane Goodall Institute.  The Koko Foundation and International Primate Foundation.  Rocky Mountain Elk Foundations, Wolf Haven  , Montana Wolf Recovery Project. The West Yellowstone Grizzly Discovery Center.  Wyoming Ducks Unlimited, Art in Embassies Program,  Mr. Bruce Babbit--Secretary of the Interior . Governor Marc Raciot of Montana, Governor Geringer of Wyoming and Midwest Salt Creek Days.

             She also designed & trade marked "Wyoming Made" logo in 1999 to 2005. Also Designed the Occupational Safety & Health Club,   the Society & Technology Club, and the Liberal Studies Club degree logos/emblems for Montana School of Mines in Butte , Mt. Designed USN Squadron Logo for VAW 120   and it lasted from 1985 to 1993. "The longest any ever did since Commanding Officers can now bring their own designs." Won Best-in-Show ribbons at State & Local Fairs and earned a place in "Wyoming Works" for three months with the Nicolaysen  Art Museum in Casper, Wyoming. Won Editor's Choice in a US National Poetry contest & also Published other poems for fun. Then found herself the 1st recipient of the Liberal Studies Club, "Award for Excellence" from Montana Tech of the University of Montana for her Generous Spirit of Service. The future is still full of honors yet to come...maybe?



"Abbey Roads"  A Red Merle Aussie.



Let Freedom Ring......



Dark smoke spirals, 
ashen, bony, twisted, bough
archaic oak.

              Ike* 1995                 


Words, words, words, colorful words! 
Blue, green, gold, black, Oops Where's white?
Thrown against a crimson mountain.

"Primeval bones"   

Pressed tighter and tighter with no light, 
until they squirmed, wriggled, their doom to lay upon stones.
One old hand still clenched his sword.

Ike* 1995

These bears belong to the West Yellowstone Grizzly Discovery Center. Stop in ...see em'.


Pencil drawings @ "Touch of Color"
Sold Original  3 bears in 2001 to a Great lady in Wright, Wyoming as I was leaving the state. Sold the original bear cub to a man in New York City. Then gave the 2 bears to my youngest son Josh.   


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